Mr. Singer (solo)
(Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica)

Mr. Singer arrives at a performance dressed to the nines and ready to rock! He brings his mighty guitar (Joey Dozen) and enough cool instruments for the crowd to join in and jam out. The inimitable Mr. Singer gets everyone singing their favorite songs, dancing  playing infectious rhythms. It's a blast every time!

45 minute performance.
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(Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Drums)
Let Chicago’s favorite family entertainers create an unforgettable event for you. Mr. Singer and the Sharp Cookies get kids and parents singing, dancing and jamming together for the ultimate in quality time. From the ever-popular Suitcase Full of Instruments to life-sized costumed characters, the Sharp Cookies use every trick in their giant book to pump up the fun! The Sharp Cookies fill music halls with instantly sing-able originals, getting the whole family up and dancing…and leave everyone feeling like full-fledged musicians!
45 minutes or 90 minutes (2 sets).
Mr. Singer & Kerry Appleberry
(Vocals, Guitar and Percussion)

When Mr. Singer & Kerry Appleberry come to rock expect a fun-filled music explosion!  Appleberry doubles the performance energy with bright colors, sweet harmonies, percolating percussion and by leading rhythms and responses. The resulting hands-on hootenanny brings everyone together for a high-energy sing a long/dance party/jam session! You won’t want this colorful couple to leave.
45 minutes or 90 minutes (2 sets)
*Add our fantabulous drummer Marius Mustard and make it an electric TRIO!
45 minutes or 90 minutes (2 sets) Favored Party Favors!
Give your guests a gift they’ll keep on enjoying!
Our super-fun cds “Bouncing Ball of Energy” &
 "Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band."